DBS & ManuLife

Transforming Retirement

Product Design & Marketing

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    DBS & ManuLife

  • Teams

    Product Design & Marketing

  • Date

    June 2016

Helping Singaporeans save for whatever’s next

UX lead and product designer for the experience design team responsible for creating a digital campaign to introduce and support DBS and ManuLife’s newly available savings accounts in the Singapore market. Insights from six DBS account holder interviews and over 50 online surveys led to a solution that focused on overcoming untrustworthy advice, cutting through overwhelming options and positioning retirement as an opportunity. “Next Starts Now” included marketing collateral, retirement planning tools, sample monthly budgets shared by local influencers and changes to the account dashboard to emphasize savings as a goal already in progress for every customer.

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I’m currently leading the User Experience team at Taoti in Washington, D.C.

As Director of UX Design I'm looking after (and growing) an innovative, lean and effective team that delivers value to our clients. Get in touch with me to discuss speaking engagements and other professional opportunities.

My full work history is available on LinkedIn at btiny.link/linkedin

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