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Ocean Today Museum Kiosk

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    Smithsonian Institute

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    Spring 2012

Multimedia kiosk with videos on all aspects of the ocean

Ocean Today is a captivating multimedia kiosk showcasing videos about the ocean realm, including exploration, discoveries, marine life, and science. Initially created for the Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in September 2008, Ocean Today kiosks are now found in numerous aquariums, museums, and learning centers worldwide, thanks to its immense popularity.

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Quick note on what you'll find here...

This page is still under development. In the spirit of iterative design, I am testing and validating the content I share, which means you should definitely come back later to see if there have been any changes. In the meantime, please reach out to me if you want to discuss this project.


The wireframing process for the NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk was a comprehensive endeavour that laid a solid foundation for the project. Over 20 screens were created in Omnigraffle to depict various interactive states, with detailed annotations to ensure clarity to developers. Additionally, key images from planned 3D animation sequences were integrated, offering previews of the kiosk's final visual elements. These wireframes were tailored to the target application, enVision 1.1, which was the prevailing standard at the time of the project, ultimately shaping the kiosk's user interface and interactive capabilities.

NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk Wireframes

Detailed wireframes offered a clear starting point and revealed interactive potential

Visual Design

Early concepts envisioned an ambient video loop showcasing diverse ocean scenes, setting a captivating backdrop for user engagement. The design embraced oversized navigation text, ensuring easy access to information. To maximize the interactive potential, the entire screen was utilized, providing users with an immersive experience. Scrollable columns and rows were introduced, cleverly designed to disappear off the sides of the screen, enhancing the sense of exploration and creating a dynamic, user-friendly interface.

NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk menu concept
NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk video player concept
NOAA Ocean Today Kiosk menu concept

Early concepts for kiosk menu system

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