Credit Suisse DPB

Digital Private Banking

Product & UX Design

Project Details

  • Client

    Credit Suisse

  • Team


  • Date

    2014 – 2017

Wealth management platform for UHNW investors

UX lead and product designer for the experience design team responsible for concepting and designing Digital Private Banking, an award-winning banking platform that enabled Credit Suisse to book $1B in trades the first year of launch. This two-year project involved the collaboration of over a dozen business product divisions and integration of multiple third-party tools. Integration with a parallel-tracked RM Ecosystem allowed video calls, document collaboration and a tool for clients and RMs to discuss market trends based on social media.

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Case Study: Digital Private Banking

Download an in-depth case study PDF that includes process work, example artefacts, concept sketches, and stakeholder collaboration.

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I’m currently leading the User Experience team at Taoti in Washington, D.C.

As Director of UX Design I'm looking after (and growing) an innovative, lean and effective team that delivers value to our clients. Get in touch with me to discuss speaking engagements and other professional opportunities.

My full work history is available on LinkedIn at

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