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    Plus & Product Innovation

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    2021 – 2022

Subscription service for the world's largest travel platform

Product Innovation director responsible for internal research and design of multiple platform surfaces for Tripadvisor's new subscription service that unlocks special rates on hotels and activities. Facing pandemic challenges, five functional teams were united using virtual co-design methods to create a comprehensive Service Blueprint which was successful in aligning stakeholders to customer needs and identifying KPIs. Ad hoc innovation workshops drove post-launch acquisition efforts with marketing content and social media engagement. Now in its fourth phase, Plus has pivoted to focus on curated hotels and travel perks made possible through a personalized Members area. Revenue for Plus is estimated at $1B annually.

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Case Study: Tripadvisor Plus

Download an in-depth case study PDF that includes process work, example artefacts, concept sketches, and stakeholder collaboration.

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I’m currently leading the User Experience team at Taoti in Washington, D.C.

As Director of UX Design I'm looking after (and growing) an innovative, lean and effective team that delivers value to our clients. Get in touch with me to discuss speaking engagements and other professional opportunities.

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