Cyber Security Startup

Identity & UX Design

Project Details

  • Client

    Horangi Cyber Security

  • Team

    Startup founders

  • Date

    Summer 2016

Identity and platform for Asia's fiercest cyber startup

Horangi was founded as a user-centered cyber security startup and needed both an identity and its first platform in order to seek funding and grow beyond Singapore. The iconic tiger face logo became a fast favorite both for its uniqueness and the strength it communicates to clients and investors. And entire brand was built out along with an initial MVP of their first platform. As the company grew to include multiple products and offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea, the overall brand and individual product identities went through a gradual revision to reposition the startup as a more established organization. Internal co-design workshops and client interviews formed the foundation of Horangi’s newest product known as Warden.

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I’m currently leading the User Experience team at Taoti in Washington, D.C.

As Director of UX Design I'm looking after (and growing) an innovative, lean and effective team that delivers value to our clients. Get in touch with me to discuss speaking engagements and other professional opportunities.

My full work history is available on LinkedIn at btiny.link/linkedin

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